The King Heatherly Diversion Dam on East Divide Creek

The King Heatherly Diversion Dam on East Divide Creek

For Contractors

Those who would like to like to submit a proposal to this project can find a copy of the Request for Proposals HERE and should follow all requirements put forth in this document. For all proposal submissions and questions contact Nate Higginson at Proposals are due by March 16, 5:00 PM MST

Request for Proposals - King Heatherly Diversion Improvement

Located south of Silt, CO on lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, the King Heatherly Diversion Dam is a structure that has a few operational issues and could be improved. The project objectives are to:

  1. Improve habitat connectivity for resident fish by improving upstream passage of the structure during the spring flow regime;
  2. Reduce maintenance needs and costs associated with the structure; 
  3. Demonstrate the viability of projects of this type in the Middle Colorado Watershed (Glenwood Springs to DeBeque). 

Secondary objectives include:

  1. Enhance hydraulics of the diversion structure, thereby improving width to depth ratios, as well as minimizing plunge pools and undermining of the structure;
  2. Reduce or eliminate entrainment of fish into the ditch during the spring diversion period.