Your Watershed: The new Regulation 43 — septic systems and your water

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"An onsite wastewater treatment system, more commonly known as a septic system, consists of an intentionally designed chamber with inlets and outlets, utilizing settling and anaerobic bacteria to decompose solid and organic waste. Septic systems are common in rural and even some suburban areas where it isn't realistic or affordable to connect to the nearest municipality's sewage system. All water and other material that goes down the sink or shower drain, through the laundry outlet, or down the toilet goes into the septic system."

MCWC Granted $100k

Among with a number of other regional organizations, MCWC was granted over $100k through the state to develop the Integrated Water Management Plan, which is part of a larger state-wide initiative to develop stream management plans. This state grant money represents about a quarter of MCWC's budget for the plan. Learn more about the awarded $337,000 state grant money to projects supporting the Colorado, Crystal, and Roaring Fork Rivers in this Post-Independent article.

Your Watershed: A Snowpack Synopsis

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center released a snowpack report on February 26th. How are we fairing, and what could it mean for the Colorado River and the various industries it supports? Read more about it in the Middle Colorado Watershed Council's monthly op-ed piece and delve right to the source on the CAIC website. For an abundant of additional information regarding the snowpack and data in this region, check out the Roaring Fork Conservancy's page for background details and data for the Roaring Fork Valley and visit here for maps and SWE median percentages of each Colorado Basin.

Another successful year of films

Following another year of amazing films through the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, we raised over $3,000 in ticket sales alone with a showing at the Vaudeville Theatre in Glenwood Springs and another at the Ute Theatre in Rifle. Thank you for attending and showing your support of the Middle Colorado Watershed Council! Once again, we sold out our evening at the Vaudeville, with a strong first showing at our new location in Rifle. And of course, we couldn't have done it without our sponsors! We can't wait for next year and another array of incredible films.

Your Watershed: A Colorado River Report Card

Colorado River has been all over the news this past month from the Colorado River Report Card, to the local river clean-up in Glenwood Springs. We are living in an exciting time for water.

I'll start local. ... READ MORE

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Link to the Colorado Report Card by Conservation Colorado

Your Watershed: How do you enjoy the river?

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I moved to Garfield County two years ago, and this is the first summer I floated on one of our rivers. After participating in river clean-ups, revegetation efforts, monitoring quality and appreciating the water from afar, I finally experienced what "go with the flow" means. Since my maiden voyage I have been out at least once a week. I am hooked. ... READ MORE at the Post Indpenedent